Cinzia Primatesta Cannavacciuolo, our wellness ambassadress in Villa Crespi for the ayurveda massages

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Cinzia Primatesta Cannavacciuolo, our wellness ambassadress in Villa Crespi for the ayurveda massages

You feel the tangible presence of Cinzia, Maitre de Maison, everywhere in Relais et Chateaux Villa Crespi: her personality, her vision and philosophy are every corner of her Moorish mansion and are shared with her guests so they leave a lasting memory even after departure.

There follows an interview with Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s wife regarding the important Ayurveda project she has developed for travellers who have chosen to visit Lake Orta, regaling them with the emotions of well-being during their days of relaxation there.


Why did you decide to create the Chandra Deva Wellness Suite dedicated to Ayurveda therapies?

The decision to take Ayurveda to Villa Crespi originates in the principles behind our wellness philosophy, bringing the taste for the Middle East and a Thousand and One Nights from moments of relaxation typical of ancient India. It is our deepest wish that each experience may be a complete glorification of the senses for our guests. So Ayurveda, the ancient Indian natural and holistic medicine gives us the key to all round well-being of body and soul that is able to identify each person’s uniqueness.


What do you mean by well-being of body and soul?

The concept of feeling good both physically, in the body, and mentally too.  It is not only food that nourishes us it is also sentiment and emotions which help with our sustenance. If I feed myself correctly with food, sentiment, emotions, I learn to face each moment of the day and my body’s well-being will be complete.


What is an Ayurveda wellness journey for your guests? 

Each day in our villa, guests arrive from all over the world; each is special and unique just as the experience we wish them to enjoy in Villa Crespi is unique.  The journey is therefore studied and personalised according to the type of stay and the guest. The point of departure may be a consultation with our therapist, Denise, in order to receive the advice necessary to rebalance our feeding and mental habits, about which treatments to opt for according to physical and mental structure. Each journey is tailor made with and for the client.  There is nothing to stop guests staying even for a single night from enjoying an Ayurveda massage that has been tailor made for that person, a pampering for one’s very body and soul.


What would you advise clients wishing for this experience?  

Allow our therapist, Denise to advise you so you can understand what your own ego requires to find complete balance. I have personally tries each treatment and they have all given me something new and special. I love the new treatment called “Sundaria”, for istance, an experience that is unique and also rare, for the care and beauty of the face and head according to Indian tradition, enriched with natural preparations based on herbs and flowers. For romantic getaways I suggest the “Chandra Surya”. massage for couples. It is a welness ritual to be shared in which the masterly use of oils, resins, woods and flowers rebalance the female moon energy (Chandra) and male sun energy (Surya). I have always been very careful about the quality of raw materials and each ingredient’s origin, which has to be a gift of nature. In our treatments you can find only the natural components which bring greatest benefit.


Now it is springtime, what would you suggest to women wanting to stay in shape, like yourself after two pregancies, so as to prepare for the summer?

Personally, I suggest the “Udvartana” treatment, a massage carried out with dry powders to stimulate the circulation and help the removal of toxins. The draining effect makes the skin glow in such a marvellous way. And to finish, our beautiful “Chandra abyangam” for ladies with Bulgarian rose oil, vanilla and amber with gold and silver pigments … a panacea for both body and soul!


For further information, please consult the complete range of massages and treatments in our  Chandra Deva Wellness Suite.



And email our therapist, Denise at:

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