An interview with Cinzia Primatesta, Antonino’s inspiring wife

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An interview with Cinzia Primatesta, Antonino’s inspiring wife

An interview with Cinzia Primatesta, Antonino’s inspiring wife

How do you see Tony in five years?

“Tony’s creative growth certainly won’t stop.. I believe that in five years he will be more or less the same: he is curious, resolute, mature and he is able to create as if his work were a game, combining colours and tastes.

He is able to tickle the palate and to give as a gift deep emotions. I think that he can be considered a painter, an impressionist. The instinct behind his creations is something magic, a natural talent that allows him to express himself in every moment and in every place.

I can immagine him on a little boat, in the middle of a lake or, maybe in the beloved Mediterranean sea with a fishing rod looking for something new, for new innovative ideas, while the water is caressing his thoughts.

It is hard to say how the future will be. The most important things for Tony are family, the dearest ones around him, a lot of sons and his favourite natural element: water. These are the special ingredients he needs most in his life.

Professionally, he is lucky because he can decide the best for his future …

I am sure that he will choose the best for himself.. this is the better part of the life of an artist: surprise, instinct and mistery keep on exisiting in his life.

Cinzia Primatesta – General Manager of Villa Crespi

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